Welcome to Herbs For Horses and anything smaller.

We are here to help provide you with a pure herbal remedy for horses and other animals for their total well being and health without the filler or fancy packaging. If your here on the website then you are already looking for herbal remedies for horses or other animals needs, but you may have your doubts on how effective they are, well let me tell you this,  herbs have been  the foundation of medicine for ever and a day.

Why should you use herbs for equine and other animal well being? Consider this, if your horse or animal was in the wild and something was to happen to them they would instinctively seek out an herb that would help them. But in today's world there is not as much wild areas and horses now live in well groomed pasture, fields, paddocks and stall.  With that in mind consider the fact that the pasture and fields lack the "go to" natural herbal medicines for horses.

" We Got Your "Go To" Herb"

We are not a veterinarian, just simple folks wanting the best for animals and their humans. We believe in God's word where he said in Ezekiel 47 " that all the leaves of the trees are for our healing". I personally believe that this includes horses and all other animals in the world.

It is amazing to think about our beloved animals,how they can have the same kind of sickness and disease as we humans can have. So think about this, that herbs can help a horse in the same way that herbs have been known to help humans and other critters as well. The body knows how to process and use natural drugs better then synthetic, less side affects to natural verses the synthetic.


A friend of mine has a horse that had gotten injured and she took the horse to the vet.  The Vet gave her a $75 tube of surpass, and he kept telling her to make sure to use gloves when she rubs this on. For some reason that kind of bother me, so I went back home and found out that surpass was rejected for human use because it increases the  risk of heart attack rate to 95 %. A couple days later a friend of hers came into the saddle shop that she owned and told her how after using surpass on a horse, he had a major heart attack.  Wow right!  So arnica tincture for this girl and her horses and animals . So with over a hundred herbs in stock, I believe I have an herb for whatever you need. From allergies to wound care and everything in between.


"I Got An Herb For that" is my motto.


We also have a store for those who like to shop in person. Some of our customers come from far and wide, 50 to 80 miles away. There is always an invite to kick back and shoot the breeze for awhile.  Not only do we have premixed herbal blends, we can also custom blend for each individual animals personal needs from a selection of over a  hundred different herbs. They come in a bulk loose powder or in cut leaf form..If you desire to have a custom blend we offer this service to all online customers by a simple phone call.

"Business in Rural America"

When we first moved out to this rural community,we noticed so many of the local businesses are located on the same property that people lived , most of them have a separate building from their home. Like us we have  what we call our little barn building which is our store front business now. Something else we noticed is that it is a much friendlier way of doing business, southern hospitality of sit down for a spell and visiting. I love this way of life. 


We also have horses, goats, Flemish giant rabbits, chickens,a  parrot ,a dog and a cat. To allow for time to tend to them, along with milking the goats, our business hours are from noon to 6 pm Monday thru Friday. Morning, Evening, and weekends by appointment.

If you notice a chain going across the driveway and horses are walking around; we are open, they are just earning their keep by mowing the lawn. So honk and we will let you in.  Hope to see you in person. May God Bless you and happy trails. 


Meet our horses, goats, flemish giant rabbits, Hope the dog, here at Herbs For Horses and anything smaller.

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