Custom Blend for $30          sku cb30

Custom Blend for $50         sku cb50.

 Custom order

 So if your here this meanswe have spoken on the phone and you have opted on custom blend for you beloved animal . Now it just a matter of placing your order so it can be shipped to you.

Because of various different combination herbs that can be used together to optimize animals health also leads to a various price ranges.  In order to make it possible for people to pay  online. I have chose to try to keep this process as simple as possible for you and me. Just select the price we agreed upon by selecting the add to cart button for that price. I have kept note per conversation so , I will have created a card with your name and blend on it along with the agreed upon price  so once I receive email notification of payment I will then do you customized  blend and ship out on the next postal business day. I use Priority Mailer so it normal there with in 3 days of shipping. 

Custom Blend for $90        sku cb90.

Custom Blend for $20         sku cb20

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